British Council – International School Award

After a year’s consistent hard work and effort, Saifee Golden Jubilee English Public School received the International School Award by the British Council. Under the able guidance of the mentors : Acting Principal Syeda Sukaina Ali, Dr Saminah Khan and Mrs Monisha Abedin, the students (from Nursery to Class 12) participated in 7 Activities.

Activity 1 – Vulnerable Treasures

The first Activity, titled VULNERABLE TREASURES, focussed on Nature and Animal Conservation by studying the varieties of Natural Resources like land, wildlife, forest, water, mineral and human beings and the conservation of the same. Through this activity (undertaken by 681 students from Nursery, Class 5 and 8 ), children were oriented to appreciate what nature has given us and how we adapt to nature and coexist with other organisms.

Activity 2 – Unity in Diversity

Activity 2, titled UNITY IN DIVERSITY, focussed on Culture and Civilization by studying the diversities in culture with regard to the food, architecture and practices of different countries. The 397 participants focussed on UK, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Pakistan and India. Through the different methods and plans adopted, the students learnt how to develop interest in and appreciate diverse culture.

Activity 3 – Save the Planet

Activity 3, titled SAVE THE PLANET, focussed on the threat of pollution that planet Earth is faced with, by studying climate change and global warming. A total of 198 students from Class 2 studied the causes of global warming and the methods of preventing the same. The students learnt to appreciate and value of natural resources and adopt methods to reduce pollution.

Activity 4 – Yummy Tummy

Activity 4, titled YUMMY TUMMY, focussed on studying the variety of food found in the ‘kitchen gardens’ of USA, UK, Italy, China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India. The 547 participants from Classes 4, 7 and 12 learnt about nutrition and balanced diet as well as food habits and customs from countries near and far around the globe.

Activity 5 – Story of Landforms

Activity 5, titled STORY OF LANDFORMS, focussed on the study of geographical features and their impact on vegetation, wildlife and human beings. The 250 students of Class 6 did research on the Amazon Basin, UK and India. Through this activity, children learnt to appreciate and conserve natural resources which are important for the ecosystem.

Activity 6 – Responsible Citizens

Activity 6, titled RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS, focussed on doing a comparative study about the rights and responsibilities of the people of different countries. A total of 394 students of Classes 9 and 10 participated in this activity and learnt, in the process, to evaluate and appreciate the rights and responsibilities given to them by the Constitution of their own country. This study enabled them to develop the desirable perspective of global citizenship.

Activity 7 …And Thus They Influenced Us

Activity 7, titled …..AND THUS THEY INFLUENCE US, focussed on an honest analysis of the status of women in the present scenario in different fields. This activity had 392 students from Classes 9 and 12 studying women’s rights in UK, USA, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India. Students became even more aware of how society influences women and vice versa. Throughout the 12 months during which the school implemented the ISA Action Plan (as per the guidelines of the British Council ), students and teachers were engaged in a proactive appraisal of the different aspects of the programme. And the end result was an enriching experience that opened new doors of learning and provided new vistas of possibilities.

The school is immensely grateful to the British Council for extending this opportunity to us and for embracing, acknowledging and honouring our efforts with the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD.